Portobelly Production Journal #2


My goal for this week is to finalise the absorb and digestion ability. I would also like to refine the shrink and expand ability. Completing these goals this week will allow me to finalise the rest of Belly’s mechanics next week so that we can begin work on level design using these mechanics on the following week.

The absorb and digest ability at the moment are limited as these abilities only have support for static meshes. This system will only support belly eating static objects such as rocks or other props. To allow Belly consume enemies I will have to adjust the abilities so that function correctly with skeletal meshes. These are the meshes that character blueprints use which support bone structures and animations.

Fig 1 - Absorb force blueprint updated to support skeletal meshes

I changed the get overlapping actor filter to cover all actors so that it could successfully cast to the static mesh blueprint and the character blueprint. The cast to the character is cast if the static mesh blueprint fails which it will if the suction cone overlaps a character.

Fig 2 - Suction ability function

The suction ability has been collapsed into a function so that I did not have to repeat a large amount of code again and this allows me to use this function multiple times if I need to in the future.

Fig 3 - Child of PickupCharacter blueprint with a temporary skeletal mesh

Using the PickupCharacter blueprint as a parent I created this temporary character which I could use to test that the suction ability was working with skeletal meshes.

Fig 4 - Suction ability on a skeletal mesh character

Fig 5 - Temporary skeletal mesh physics body

The physics body asset of the skeletal mesh effects how the object moves when physics is applied to the skeletal mesh. This is a basic physics body since this mesh is just an example but for enemies in the future they will require complex physics bodies if I want them to interact correctly when physics is applied. Due to the round nature of this physics body the enemy rolls across the ground when Belly pulls the enemy towards it’s location.

The next step would be to setup the digestion system so that it works with skeletal meshes.


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