Portobelly Production Journal #9


Setting up Perforce

After many failed attempts at trying to merge our files together using Github, I decided to look for an alternative source control solution. As I had been introduced to Perforce during my time at the Global Game Jam I decided to figure out how to use that program.
Perforce allows multiple users to work of a single project by checking out specific files and working on them and committing your changes once you’re finished using the file. While I was using Perforce during the game jam I realised it was so much faster when iterating on an Unreal project compared to Github and I was able to commit my changes within the engine which is plus.

Setting up Perforce took a while to work out but now that we have it figured out we will be able to work much faster than we were before since we don’t have to make separate branches and merge the branches when we want to share our work.