Portobelly Production Journal #19


Fig 1 - River crossing obstacle

When I was creating the obstacle above I wanted to try and find a way of incorporating the obstacle into the environment rather than having a random platform rising from the ground. To achieve this I blocked out a river section so that the platforms could sink into the environment. This works well because it blends into the environment and gives the effect that it is part of the scene. When this section gets set dressed I am planning on placing a flowing river or the remains of a river through this channel.

Fig 2 - Cave entrance

When I was creating the blockout for the cave area I decided that the entrance for the cave needed to be rotated towards the camera view as it allows the player to see that there is an entrance to the cave, otherwise the player would see a wall without an entrance. This is something I have to consider in the future when designing the levels for Portobelly.


Figures List

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