Portobelly Production Journal #21


To add some variety to the platforming in Portobelly, I decided to add a different type of platform into the game that would launch/bounce the player in a direction based on the rotation of the platform. As the main theme of the game is about mushroom I decided to make the platform a large mushroom (for now the platform is just a placeholder in a mushroom shape).

Fig 1 - Mario Kart Wii: Mushroom Gorge

When thinking of a mushroom shaped bounce pad the first thing I thought of was the brown mushrooms on the Mario Kart Wii race track called “Mushroom Gorge“. The bouncy mushrooms can be seen in action in the video above. When the player hits these brown mushrooms they are launched into the air and this is the effect I wanted to capture with my mushroom platforms.

Fig 2 - Mushroom launcher pad at an angle

Fig 3 - Mushroom pad viewport

Fig 4 - Mushroom pad blueprint

When I created the mushroom bounce pads I wanted them to work in multiple directions so based on the mushrooms rotation the player will be launched away from the mushroom pad. The player will be launched if they overlap with the box collision on top of the pad. Ideally I would want this collision volume to be the same shape as the mushroom pad as parts of the mushroom pad are not covered by the collision volume.

Fig 5 - Belly jumping across the mushroom gorge

Fig 6 - Mushroom gorge setup

Like the first obstacle where the player jumps over a small river I wanted to incorporate these mushroom pads into the environment. I achieved this by sculpting a gorge into the landscape and placing the mushrooms into the gorge so that these mushrooms become an obstacle that the player has to navigate across.


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