Portobelly Production Journal #25


At the start of the day I was unable to work on the project as my computer was unable to boot up. After many hours of trouble shooting I managed to fix this issue but I had wasted a lot of time on this issue before I was able to start production for the day.

Once my computer was fixed, I had a discussion with the team about the layout of the level and Will (the artist on the team) had the idea of making the cave underground. This would rearrange the order of the obstacles in the tutorial area, putting the breakable platform as the first obstacle and using it as an entrance to the cave/old world. With this layout the player would drop down a tunnel which would enter the beginning of the tutorial cave area.

Making these changes to the layout of the tutorial would cut out the platforms leading up to the breakable platform near the end of the tutorial area. During the playtest (the playtest can be found in this blog post), many players struggled the platforming section before the destructible platform so I feel that it is a good idea to remove that section.

Fig 1 - Changes to the landscape

A second landscape has been added to the map so that the intro of the map can be unloaded when the player drops into the cave area. This will make the game perform much better than having one continuous landscape. When the player falls into the new landscape the cave landscape will be loaded.

Fig 2 - New entrance to the cave area using the slam ability

Fig 3 - Level streaming volume hidden within the drop

I placed the level streaming volume within the middle of the tunnel so that the player will not be able to see the intro sub level unloading or the cave area loading. Having a drop that the player can’t jump back up allows the intro sub level to be permanently unloaded and I don’t have to worry about the player walking back through the streaming volume.

Fig 4 - New level streaming blueprint

I changed the level streaming volume so that it uses an array to load and unload levels so that multiple levels can be loaded and unloaded. This allows me to load the lighting for an area and landscape for example using a ForEachLoop for the array so that anything within the array is streamed separately.


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