Portobelly Production Journal #41


Last week I set myself the goal of refining the enemy AI so that they have animations with their activities and I planned to place some of the AI within the level. I managed to implement AI animations to all of the states of the BFF. Although I didn’t complete the AI animations for all of the enemies I managed to solve one of the main issues with the game that was preventing me from making progress with the game. This issue was with the suction ability which caused enemies to become unable to return to their previous AI states when they had been absorbed or had suction applied. This made the suction ability extremely powerful and unbalanced. Once this was fixed I managed to continue to refine the abilities and animations of the enemies.

This week I plan to implement a damage system onto the enemies attacks so that Belly can be damaged. I also plan to add the enemies into the level so that the map can be blocked out.

Fig 1 - 18 03 2019 chat

Fig 2 - Spiral spore knocking back the player when using the spin attack

Fig 3 - Spiral spore knockback blueprint

Fig 4 - Enable and disable spinning collision

I wanted to add some knockback to the spiral spores spine attack so that the player would realise when damage had been applied to the player. To achieve this effect I created a sphere mesh that would appear around the spiral spore when the spinning animation was played. Although you can see the collision volume at the moment, you will not be able to see it in the finished came as it will be replaced with a particle effect. It is only displayed at the moment for demonstration purposes to help see when the collision is active. The knock back effect is achieved by launching the player in the opposite direction of the spiral spores location when the player has overlapped the spiral spores spin volume. Overall I think this effect works well although I feel it could be improved with some fine tuning which could involved reducing the amount of knock back.


Figures List

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