Portobelly Production Journal #30


Today I spent the majority of the day building versions of the project ready for play testing at the Bristol Games Hub Anti-Social event. This event served as a good opportunity to display Portobelly as there were many game developers at the the event ranging from hobbyists to those within the games industry. This opportunity was far more valuable than playtesting to those in our class because those at the Games Hub had never played our game.

Fig 1 - 28 02 2019 Games hub playtest

Points raised during the playtest at the Bristol Games Hub:

  • When Belly is bouncing allow the player to override the bounce with a jump to give the player more control over the character.

  • Add squash and stretch to Belly.

  • Add more movement based mechanics, weight play (getting heavier when you get larger).

  • Make sure you can’t kill the mushroom (the villager mushroom you have to follow at the end of the build).

  • Hold the players hand a bit more when introducing new mechanics (like the slam).

  • The waterfall section could include an example of the waterfall in non challenging environment to teach the player the mechanic.

  • Combine character abilities into the same button mapping so the player uses less buttons.

I feel the most important piece of feedback from these points is the first one about overriding the bounce as it effects gameplay and it was bought up the most during the playtest. I plan to implement this feature as soon as possible since it was causing a lot of players problems.

A lot of the other pieces of feedback can be completed during the polishing stage of development as they are only minor changes that would enhance the feel or level layout of the game.


Figures List

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