Portobelly Production Journal #34


Today I wanted to finish the basic AI states of the spiral spore.

Fig 1 - Spiral spore performing all of it’s states

Above shows the spiral spore going through all of the AI states. These states are the jump, glide, spin attack and dazed. At the moment the spin attack is just the spiral spore moving towards the player as it doesn’t have any animation attached to it so it’s hard to tell what the enemy is doing. The dazed effect activates when the player has used a spin attack since I thought it would be a good idea for the character to get dizzy after spinning. This would give the player an opportunity to attack the spiral spore.

Fig 2 - Spiral spore behaviour tree

Fig 3 - Choose attack or continue with jump blueprint task

Before the jump task is activated I decided to add a check that would see if the spiral spore is close enough to the player to attack. If the spiral spore was close enough to the player, the spiral spore’s state would change to the spin state. If the spiral spore was out of range it would execute this check task and continue to jump towards the player.

Fig 4 - Spin attack blueprint task

The spin task works similarly to the retreat task except it walks towards the player instead of running in the opposite direction to the player. The spin state is when the spiral spore will be doing damage to the player if they make contact with the player.

Fig 5 - Temporary dazed particle effect

The particle effect above is a couple of cubes arranged in a circle at different rotations which I turned into a static mesh. This static mesh is put into a particle system and rotated at a constant speed.

Fig 6 - Dazed blueprint task

Fig 7 - Particle activation custom events within the spiral spore character

The dazed particle is activated when the spiral spore has stopped it’s spin attack. After a set amount of time the dazed particle effect is deactivated and the spiral spore returns to it’s jump state.


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