Portobelly Production Journal #51


Today I decided to focus on implementing the spiral spore spin attack animation on to the spin attack within the Unreal Engine.

Fig 1 - Implementing the spin attack animation

Fig 2 - Spiral spore spin attack animation blueprint

The spin animation has to be broken into 3 different stages, the start, spin loop and end. These stages have 3 different animations attached to them which transition into each other. The animations have to be structured this way because the character may spin for a longer duration than the length of the spin animation. When the attack is initiated the first animation will play when this animation has finished the spin loop will play and when the spin attack has finished the spin loop will stop and the end spin transition will play. After this attack the enemy will return to the idle animation.

In order to finish this character I will need to create a jump, glide, dazed and suction animation.


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