Portobelly Production Journal #53


On Thursday, we took a build of our game to the Bristol Games Hub for an event called Feedback Thursday where we could get feedback and give feedback on peoples projects.

We watched people at the event play our game and these were a main takeaways from the event:

  • Enemies need to be harder as a lot of people did not get to see the enemies attacks before the enemies were killed.

    • Possible solutions

      • Edit the suction ability so that it doesn’t instantly kill the enemies

      • Small Belly has a weaker and smaller suction cone, whilst big Belly has a larger and stronger one

      • Possible chance enemies can escape the suction ability

      • Make Belly slower and a bit bigger once he’s eaten a mushroom

      • Make digestion longer

  • A player managed to jump through the waterfall rocks when Belly was small

    • Possible solutions

      • Get rid of the jump overrride when in this volume to force players to expand in size

  • Lots of rolling to get to the next place

    • Possible solutions

      • Add in more obstacles for Belly to interact with

        • Things to jump over

      • Possibly add in Boomshrooms to the cave

  • Suction ability has a collision attached to it

    • Possible solutions

      • Disable the collision for static objects as players were triggering the bounce mushrooms with the suction cones

  • Can suck Boomshrooms out of the ground

    • Disable this

  • Players were not using the slam as often as we would have liked them to (only using it when it was necessary)

    • Make it more satisfying so people use it

  • Everyone completed the game

  • People figures out how to use the slam ability

This playtest was incredibly useful as we were able to watch new players play our game which allowed us to see peoples reactions and problem solving to certain aspects of the game.

We also submitted our work to Feedback Friday on reddit for some feedback.

Fig 1 - Feedback Friday response 1

These piece of feedback was fairly positive as they liked certain aspects of the game such as the growing and shrinking mechanic and the waterfall section. They stated that they would like to see some more puzzles which could definitely be added as the breakable wall puzzle is something we were planning on adding which involves the player slamming on a detonator to trigger an explosion.

Fig 2 - Feedback Friday response 2

This player had some trouble understanding the suction ability which is understandable as we don’t really show the player how to use the ability. They also bought up a good point that there is no options for changing the screen mode which is something I need to add into the game so that more players will be able to play the game. Ultra wide screen support is not something I have experience with and supporting it may cause some issues with the camera view so I think I will just create options to play in windowed resolutions in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Fig 3 - Feedback Friday response 3

This player mentions the slam ability not being very impactful which I agree with as it is not very obvious what the slam ability does so that could definitely be changed with a few particle effects and maybe some screen shake when the player hits the ground.


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