Portobelly Production Journal #50


Today I decided to focus on improving the rig for the spiral spore and animating the spin attack animation. I needed to improve the rig for the spiral spore because apart from the root bone the rig did not have any controls which make animating a rig much easier when they are included as you can reset bones to their starting position easily.

Fig 1 - Beginning to add controls to the spiral spore rig

Fig 2 - Finished rig with controls setup

When adding controls to the rig, I was told to freeze the transforms of the controls before attaching them to the bones. This would reset the transformation of the control returning all of it’s values to 0, 0, 0 which allows me to reset the location of the bones if I needed to return them to their starting point. Also when creating these controls I made sure to parent the controls to each other so that the control below the previous one has control over the bones above it. After creating all of the controls for the rig I discovered that I did not actually need to create the controls for the end of the tendrils as I won’t be moving them when animating.

Fig 3 - Mapping out the spin rotation

Before animating the tendrils of the rig I wanted to create the basic rotation motion of the character so that I could base the movement of the tendrils off the overall rotation of the character. When creating the rotation for the spin I needed to break the animation into three section, the start of the spin, the looping spin attack and an end of the spin. Having these sections of the animation is essential as when I take these animations into Unreal I need the middle section to loop so that it can be any length of time.

Fig 4 - Chair swing ride.

When tackling the animation for this spinning attack I used this chair swing ride as reference as when the ride spins the chairs begin to move outwards. I want to replicate a similar effect with the tendrils of the spiral spore so that the effects of physics apply to the tendrils of the spiral spore.

Fig 5 - Animating the first joint on the tendril

Fig 6 - Animating the second joint on the tendril

Fig 7 - Fully animated tendril

When animating the first tendril, I decided to animate each joint on tendril separately so that I could offset the motion of the swinging action between each joint. Whenever the spiral spore changes direction of the spinning motion the momentum of the tendril will carry on moving in the direction which will result in the tendril swinging.

Fig 8 - Half of the tendrils animated

Fig 9 - First pass on the spin animation

After animating each of the tendrils I am fairly happy with the result of the animation. With a few adjustments to the a couple of the tendrils movements this animation should be ready to import into the engine.


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